GSK Data Representation

Applied Data Visualization (Fall, 2015) | Prof Cesar A. Hidalgo                                                       Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) invited students of the Fall 2016 MIT Media Lab course MAS.S73 – Applied Data Visualization to propose solutions to GSK’s data problems. The team of MIT, Harvard and Wellesley students visited GSK’s premises, interviewed various cross departmental stakeholders from GSK, and as a final deliverable are submitting this design dossier to GSK. In coming up with this design dossier, a first step the team did was to identify the entities that are common across the 500+ database systems that GSK currently uses. The design solution is organized around these common entities, namely compounds, targets, assays, clinical trials, animal trials, people and programs.

Currently the GSK Data Center of Excellence is implementing an initiative to bring the numerous disparate sources of data together into an integrated layer. The visualizations presented herein are meant to build off an integrated layer – providing GSK employees a unified platform to search for information & to navigate between different entities, seeking out connections & relations, and absorbing information presented in an intuitive way. In general the design principles followed are: have a unified search across entities; present summary views upfront, with additional detail being presented as one scrolls down; present cross entity connections & allow the user to click on related entities and quickly navigate to them. The design uses a soft color palette that builds off GSK logo’s colors.