Meloozing City 

Korea National University of arts | Advanced Studio 2 | Tutor. Christian Schweitzer

The purpose of the project is to understand the problems faced by Nak-won complex not only in architectural terms but also in relation to economics and cultural aspects, and to express the conceptual tool in order to revitalize the site and its surroundings. The Nak-won complex, situated in the heart of old city in Seoul, used to be the mecca of music industry where extensive assortments of musical instruments were purchased or bought. However, the development of Gangnam area, a district known for its wealth and high standard of living, coupled with rapid growth in technology, has suppressed Nak-won complex into slowly losing its role within the city.

The main strategy to reconstructing the complex is to retain the existing features as much as possible in order to preserve the historical aspects of the site. Different scales of stages are introduced to blur the boundaries between the complex and the city and also between the stages and other functions.  Furthermore, adjacent neighborhood can perceive every step of changes and transformed with neighborhood.