Advanced Studio 1 _ Tutor. H-Sang Seung

Island in Island 

The project is divided into two steps: landscape infrastructure design and special facilities for endangered community, the last island. They have been under threat of extinction, so they require more motivation and must develop passion for their work to become great social and community members in order to solve their present issues in many different ways. I placed the infrastructures and manipulated the landscape with great consideration for urban context for the community. This provided a direct connection to the matter of sustaining lives and it can develop its scales and sizes within the flexible urban context. I examined all the reasons and solutions for maintaining their lives such as family problems, financial problems, and socio-economical problems. Finally, the facility for female divers appears on top of the existing condition and structure which is located at the expanded line of urban infrastructures. It contains numerous potential to sustain a great cultural heritage of Jeju island.