Urban Energy Flow(Plug-in Play)

Development plug-ins and Add-ons for urban modeling tool umi at MIT

Independent Study   Prof. Christoph Reinhart 

Urban Roof Configuration

As increasing use of PVs and Greenroofs, urban roof areas are becoming valuable to produce electricity and reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore, the needs for evaluate urban roof spaces are becoming popular. By providing simple component to extract urban roofs, radical urban energy simulation and performance modeling can be performed. 

Urban Radiant Map with Context

By drawing urban radiation potential with radiation component with sun-path component, urban radiation map can be created. To reduce computational time and burden, I took average sun path of four distinctive seasons and workhours. This component allow designers and planners can get quick intuition of radiation potential on the outside facades. By estimating solar potential on buildings, designers can distribute diverse opening locations and size as well as PVs on building facades and roofs. 

Urban Shadow Study with Varied Time Stamp

 Ellie Jungmin Han | Namju Lee

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139