Intermediate Studio 2 _ Tutor. Haewon Shin 

Be School 

The project is about Bogwang elementary school renovation. Bogwang-dong area contains ample abundant international interactions due to its surroudings: international workers’ residence, foreign embassy, entertainment spots of mixed culture, and so on. Therefore, the children in this area suffer from various social issues and are deprived of their invaluable childhood time. Furthermore, the general issue of modern children’s problem is quite serious thus immediate attention is needed. The old school’s layout, the restricted formal plan, has great limitations on diverse interactions which mean that various opportunities that contribute to student’s proper mental and physical growth are discouraged.


Therefore, I suggest a new type of plan in the existing area that promotes various reciprocal interactions between students which can be accomplished through not only the pathway but through creating variety of diverse school atmosphere and manipulating sectors to encourage student’s awareness, potential, and motivation in the positive direction. I am calling this project wanna “BE” cool.